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Clerks III Trailer: The Jersey Nerd Trilogy goes meta in 2-night theater run

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in great shape , new movie Clerk III Looks like a joint production.


After years of development, the snookiest of ’90s boobies will finally return to theaters this September. Writer and director Kevin Smith unveils first look Clerk III We’ll have to check out some of the fine print to find out when and where you can get to see this feature-length film, though, via the two-minute trailer on Wednesday.

Main cast featured in 2006 Clerk II Returns to modern-day New Jersey, once again relocating to a building that houses both a convenience store and a video rental shop. The latter has adapted to a modern video-streaming world, at least, with a massive “THC” indicator poorly taped onto the original signal – and longtime series jester J (Jason Mewes) ) and Silent Bob (Smith) seem fine hanging out in front. for this accommodating storefront some reason. But times haven’t been going well for Randall (Jeff Anderson), as the trailer shows him questioning the life he’s spent having a heart attack and spending all day watching movies.

“What am I, a hack?”

A serious health scare strikes a blow in the lives of Dante and Randall.
in great shape , A serious health scare strikes a blow in the lives of Dante and Randall.


“I always thought you could make a good movie,” his longtime friend Dante (Brian O’Halloran) explains in an emergency room. The two then spend the rest of the trailer trying to make a film, where they work, apparently aided by a new-to-the-series pair of goths. These two freshmen ask what the film is about, only to be told, “It’s about him working here.” A goth flatly replies, “Meta.”

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in great shape , Clerk III The trailer is filled with intermittent laughs, including this silly clapperboard and some Mooby products in the background.


The two-minute trailer primarily focuses on the filmmaking within the fictional film, with celebs such as Ben Affleck and Sarah Michelle Gellar reciting lines from the original film. It also includes a ton of pop culture pot-shots, though these mostly come across as background details that you’ll need to pause the trailer to check out, such as the return of a fictional, Marvel-mocking comic book character named Ranger Danger. was seen before. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, We see only one hint in the film’s lead pair’s creative conflict when Randall suggests that the fictional version of Dante dies after being shot (as a rewrite of earlier events). clerks Thin layer). When Dante objected to being written out of a possible sequel, Randall replied, “A sequel? What am I, a hack?”

It’s hard to tell how the rest of the current supporting cast will fit into the plot. Becky (Rosario Dawson) runs into Dante at one point, and Jay and Silent Bob move around during what is described in the description as “R2-D2 and C-3PO” of the neighborhood, mostly to joke. star wars‘ Expense. Although the film plays out, Smith first described it as “the conclusion of a saga”, suggesting something like its closure. clerks Chain. (Although, honestly, we would never have bet on money Clerk III being built, so who has to say Clerk IV: Detective in Retirement Maybe someday?)

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in great shape , how much will rosario dawson be Clerk III, The trailer is hard to say.


Smith’s followers are probably aware that a sequel has been hinting for some time, although it was put on hold in part due to Anderson’s opposition to a return to the series. In an interview with a fan late last year, Anderson joked that he had to be “worn out” by Smith over an eight-year period before he could agree to the sequel and its script. Perhaps Smith needed those years to get the script into a position that would bring Anderson back to an older draft as an actor. Clerk III, which was read aloud to fans at a 2019 special, was rumored to be a darker shade than what we see in this week’s new trailer. (Attendees were forbidden from disclosing details of the old script, and Smith suggests the reading, which was recorded, would eventually be released for widespread consumption at a later date.)

We hope your Tuesday, Thursday nights are clear

Should American moviegoers want to head to their favorite nearby multiplex to watch the finale of Smith’s Views Esquireniverse trilogy, they’re stuck with an awkward two-night run: Tuesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 15. Clerk III Apparently being handled by Fathom Events for its limited nationwide theatrical performance, meaning it ran on the same distribution network usually reserved for opera broadcasts and the Studio Ghibli Marathon.

Fans of the series in select US and Canadian cities have a fan-service opportunity to see the film in theaters as well. During September and October, Smith will host a series of screenings across the US with a pit stop in Vancouver, BC. Since Smith will be in person to answer fans’ questions at these screenings, tickets are much higher than the average Cineplex; Base-level tickets to the film’s September 4 premiere in New Jersey are over $100 as of press time. Also as of press time, neither Smith nor Lionsgate have confirmed plans for easy Clerk III Access via streaming or video-on-demand services.

Clerk III World Premiere Trailer.

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