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EA pulls a “reverse Ubisoft”, makes some old BioWare DLC free

in great shape , Don’t worry, my dear. BioWare Points can no longer hurt you.

Single-player downloadable content for the PC versions of Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2And mass Effect 3 Will be available for free going forward. The change – which EA is announcing via explicit email to some core users – comes with the pending shutdown of the BioWare Points digital currency system.

Those BioWare Points used to be the only way to buy DLC for developer’s legacy titles. And because those points rarely went on sale, the price of that DLC relative to the heavily discounted base game sometimes got a little ridiculous. As an angry petition in 2015 noted, “To own all the DLC to buy enough BioWare points [Mass Effect] Series total will be $105; More than three times the cost of all three base games.”

In 2017, however, EA released moderately priced DLC bundles for its legacy BioWare titles, making it more affordable and convenient to purchase story-based expansions and content packs that offer more character customization options.

While those DLC packs are still listed for sale on Origin, users can now get the same DLC through the “Additional Content” option in their game library. all mass Effect DLC is also included as part of the recently released mythological version,

Many users also expressed frustration with the fact that BioWare Points were only sold in bundles of 800, often leaving them with points left over after making DLC ​​purchases that weren’t evenly divided into point packages. Players who currently have BioWare Points will be able to spend them on mass Effect 3 Multiplayer packs until October 11, EA writes. After that, those points will no longer be usable, and multiplayer packs can only be purchased with in-game currency earned through gameplay.

EA writes that DLC and other content previously purchased with BioWare Points will still be accessible. This is in stark contrast to Ubisoft, which announced last week that the impending server shutdown meant DLC purchases like PC games. Assassin’s Creed 3 And far cry 3 Cannot be played after 1st September.

BioWare recently revealed dreadwolf as the title for the next Dragon Age The game, which will not be released until 2023 at the earliest. And in 2020, the company launched a teaser trailer that promised “mass Effect Will return.”

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