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PlayStation Studios, major publishers break silence on abortion rights [Updated]

in great shape , Today some of the game franchises represented by the studios come in support of reproductive rights.

Last month, the Insomniac Games (Spider Man) CEO Ted Price reportedly told his employees that parent company Sony “will not approve of any statement from any studio on the subject of reproductive rights.” That’s apparently no longer true, as Insomniac and other Sony studios tweeted statements in support of long-standing “reproductive freedom” following this morning’s Supreme Court ruling. Roe vs. Wade Example on the issue.

“We’re Humans Who Make Games,” Insomnia tweeted today morning. “Reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy are human rights.”

By noon, several other North American game studios from Sony had begun tweeting similar messages, including sucker Punch ,the ghost of tsushima, naughty Dog ,the last of us, Santa Monica Studio ,God of war, San Diego Studio ,MLB: The Show), And bend studio ,days gone) some of Sony’s European studios, including media molecule ,little Big Planet, guerrilla game ,horizon), And PlayStation London StudioHave also joined in with tweeted statements of support.

“Naughty Dog believes that reproductive freedom and physical autonomy are basic human rights and essential to the health and wellbeing of all,” the studio wrote in its tweet. “We will continue to uphold these values ​​and actively support all of our employees to receive the care they need and want.”

Travel and other assistance

That bit about “actively supporting”[ing]Staff may be less important to Santa-Monica-based Naughty Dog because California is likely to continue to protect abortion access through legislation. For Sony studios in less abortion-friendly states, however (such as Austin, Texas) based Bluepoint Games), the parent company has yet to publicly follow the lead of Microsoft, which in early May committed to funding out-of-state travel for employees who needed abortion-related care. It was needed to get it.

destiny Developer (and soon to be a subsidiary of Sony) Bungie led the games industry by offering strong public support for “breeding choice” last month. Today, Bungie updated its public statement on the issue and outlined its own travel-reimbursement program “for any employee to use when they or a dependent cannot have access to healthcare where They live. We remain steadfast in our commitment to stand up. For reproductive choice and freedom.”

In a statement to the press, Activision Blizzard confirmed its plans, for the first time earlier this month, to “expanded medical travel benefits” for issues including reproductive health, gender-affirming treatments, implant care and any other medical care. “To offer. , that is not available in the covered person’s state, or within 100 miles of where they live.”

including other major game publishers Ubisoft, bethesda, Niantic LabsAnd return digital tweeted statements in support of reproductive rights today. And the International Game Developers Association told Ars in a statement that “we believe that physical autonomy and choice over our own reproductive and health-related matters” are critical to the organization’s mission. “In order to successfully manage one’s career and life one must take control of one’s health matters.”

Earlier this month (and amid perceived pressure from employees) Electronic Arts tweeted a Pride Month statement that included the phrase “Women’s rights are human rights.” [Update at 8:27 pm ET: On Friday EA issued a much more detailed statement saying that it “will soon offer expanded travel health benefits for eligible US employees and their eligible dependents.”]

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