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The 25 Best Games We Seen During This Year’s “Not E3” Showcase

While 2022 was yet another year without E3, game publishers big and small didn’t stop releasing tons of trailers during the usual summer promotional season. After going through Summer Game Fest and Microsoft/Bethesda Showcase, we’ve spent most of the week watching hundreds of trailers shown at the Future Games Show, IGN Expo, Holsome Direct, Day of the Devs, PC Gaming Show, and more. , Serious efforts. We’ve picked 25 titles whose presentations are unique for one reason or another. Scroll through for the collection of titles we’ll be seeing over the next year or so. And keep an eye out for hands-on impressions from our own Sam Machkovitch, who sampled some of these games at the Summer Games Fest event earlier this week.

little leftist

Platform: Switch, PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Planned release: 2022
Links: steam | (w/ Demo) | official website

Basically a game for outfit freaks, little leftist When a mischievous cat tries to mess things up again, ask players to arrange books, game cartridges, spoons, lampshades, and more in nice, neat arrangements. As you progress through the streamlined, however, the basic organizing tasks morph into puzzles that are “a little more surreal” according to the trailer. There’s also “Daily Streamlined Delivery” for a quick hit of new organizational puzzles every day.

Agent 64: Spies Never Die

Platform: pc
Planned release: 2022
Links: Steam (w/ demo)

This game isn’t subtle about being directly inspired goldeneye 007, right down to its blocky polygons and limited character animations. But this unlicensed spiritual sequel also sports obvious modern improvements like a smoother frame rate and lack of fog, which means it should look and play like your nostalgic memories. golden eye Instead of, uh, the actual experience of playing the N64 golden eye These days. The ability to “create and share your own campaigns” should also ensure plenty of new content after release.

Bramble: The Mountain King

Platform: pc, console
Planned release: 2023
Links: steam | Twitter

Watching this trailer I learned that Norse folktales may be Way more intense than their American counterparts. bramble Based on stories designed to scare children from getting too close to water and drowning, and the example here certainly hit this audience. Small bits of gameplay make it seem like the game is a pretty standard exploration/platform title, but the robust environment and character design have us keeping our eyes out there anyway.

Cheat Inc.

Platform: PS5, Xbox Series S/X, PC
Planned release: “coming soon”
Links: steam | Twitter , alpha sign-up

This stylish competitive multiplayer spy game will see contestants disguise themselves to get a drop on their opponents and take out key objectives in a fun-looking twist on the capture-the-flag concept. Trailer reminds us of games like this deathloop And spy party-or even less liked multiplayer parts Assassins Creed Sports – in the best way.

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