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Thor: Love and Thunder is a wondrous tribute to Jim Henson

जेन (नेटली पोर्टमैन) और थोर (क्रिस हेम्सवर्थ) <em>Thor: Love and Thunder</em> I’m back.”/><figcaption class=

in great shape , Jane (Natalie Portman) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are back in it Thor: Love and Thunder,

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thirty minutes into the heartfelt stupidity of Thor: Love and ThunderA comparison struck me that clarified why I enjoyed this week’s new film so much: In 14 years of Marvel Studios movies, the company has never paid tribute to Jim Henson so successfully.

At its craziest, love and need respects the choice of Fraggle Rock And The Muppet Show References to a wicked gallery of goofballs and kiddos while chewing up the film’s gilded, Technicolor visuals. And at its darkest, it seems like a direct descendant MazeBecause its villainy combines unabashed brutality with some impressively staged shadow areas.

Most importantly, co-stars Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth rendered the film’s title L-word in remarkable fashion. This action movie knows it’s ridiculous superhero-steak is greasing a slab of rom-com peanut butter with chocolate, and the movie heads dance around that fact, while still delivering a believable, final- Thread the needle to make cleaning connections. (Comparing the results to Kermit and Miss Piggy will somewhat downplay their incredible work, yet the comparison also makes sense after watching the film.)

muscle-first exit

An opening sequence sees Thor mocked like a savior—and the results deliver a solid comic flick.
in great shape , An opening sequence sees Thor mocked like a savior—and the results deliver a solid comic flick.

marvel studios

in 2017 Thor: RagnarokWriter/director Taika Waititi puts his bizarre stamp on the otherwise Dabangg avengers-Offshoot series about all things Asgard. But that film’s shift toward amusing humor, as amusing as it was, was also influenced by a few things: a poignant relationship between Thor and his brother Loki and the omnipresent Marvel Studios need to keep the Infinity Stones boulder forward.

Four years later, freed from those constraints, Waititi has to pick and choose how to tell a new, post-endgame Story about Thor. And it’s a resounding success, right there with the filmmaker’s famous 2016 film hunting for wild people,

The film's goofy montage is brief and effective enough to pace the audience with laughter, such as the sequence showing Thor leading the way. "From Dad Bod to Sad Bod."
in great shape , The film’s silly montages are concise and effective enough to speed the audience with laughter, such as the sequence showing Thor moving “from dad bod to sad bod”.

marvel studios

Hemsworth begins the film as a domineering, pompous Thor. The Asgardian hero of legend has emerged from his endgame Hangover with a sense of aimless duty, accomplished by joining Guardians of the Galaxy and shooting at your targets without thinking. This doesn’t really work out, and a chance encounter sees the Guardians excuse themselves from Thor’s muscle-first stupidity—but not before reminding him that if their crew cared about each other. Otherwise, their interstellar conquest would be in vain.

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