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Night owls beware, Fitbit knows your sleep type and wants to educate you about it

in great shape , Being a dolphin is really no big deal.


Today Fitbit announced a set of new sleep-assessment features for premium users. Launched on Wednesday via the Fitbit app, Sleep Profiles is the latest subscription-only data that Fitbit Premium members can use to better understand their unique sleep types and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Using a month’s worth of sleep data from nearly 60,000 Fitbit users, the company studied 1,000 unique sleep characteristics, eventually collating them down to 10 metrics. Five are already present in the Fitbit app, including sleep stage and duration. But five new categories assess consistency of bedtime, number of days with naps, time before sound sleep, disrupted sleep and “stability,” which is the number of brief, usually noticeable wakeups during the night. is not average. With these estimations, users can view daily, weekly, and monthly trends in each category and see where they are (and should be) within the data range of other users of the same age and gender.


Every month, users will also be assigned a sleep chronotype based on their data. Each of the six types is named after an animal with similar sleep patterns: giraffe, bear, dolphin, elephant, parrot and tortoise. According to Fitbit, in addition to fun, these sleep pattern identifiers are intended to help people stay in mind and show how their patterns change over time. Animal-based sleep types aren’t a new concept for sleep science or even wearables; Samsung introduced a similar feature in the Galaxy Watch 4 this year as well.

Sleep Profile requires users to wear a compatible Fitbit device (Sense, Versa 2 or 3, Charge 5, Lux, Inspire 2) for at least 14 days in a calendar month to receive an assessment. As mentioned, this feature is exclusive to Fitbit Premium customers who pay $10 per month for access to Insights and a modest-sized library of fitness and mindfulness content, among other paid perks. Huh.

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