Venom: Marvel Teases Bedlam’s Identity With Secret Cover

By Maaz Ahmad

June 30, 2022

A variant cover by Paolo Siqueira and Rachelle Rosenberg for Marvel’s Venom #10 has been revealed, but with a censor.

Instead of a face on the cover, there’s a black blot with the words “Who is Bedlam?” By definition, Bedlam means a scene of uproar and confusion.

Fitting, since fans are confused as to the villain’s identity. Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are in the same boat.

However, they are in worse shape since Bedlam has been terrorizing the father-son duo for a while now.

Written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Bryan Hitch, fans are in for a treat with Venom’s next couple of issues.

To put it bluntly, nobody knows just yet. Besides being a colossal red and black symbiote, his true identity is unknown.

However, July’s issue of Venom #9 promises to unmask the character.

According to Bedlam, however, Meridious sent him to terrorize the Venom symbiote in order to make him stronger.

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